Hawaiian Pig roast


We are excited to announce our Hawaiian Pig Roast! Our giant charcoal burning BBQ is on its way to cook you up an entire succulent pig. Served with crisp slaws and sweet Hawaiian fruits it sure to be a mouth watering feast that will bring you back to the white sand beaches and tropical parties of Hawaii.

August 24th Saturday

  • Come down and feast on our succulent pig while enjoying the Famers Market

August 25th Sunday

  • Open streets is shutting down 104st and bringing the restaurants to the pavement giving you an awesome opportunity to see what 104st is all about. ‘Ono Poke co will be bringing the pig back with the addition of the awesome games and quizzes with the opportunity to win some great prizes!



EDMONTON AB- If you didn’t get your poke fix during the week, not to worry! Edmontons ‘Ono Poke Co. on 104st and Jasper ave is now open Sundays too! Get dinner and dessert at the best little Hawaiian shop in the city! Take a break and relax as our food brings you back to the white beaches and hot sun of your own tropical paradise. a little slice of heaven in downtown Edmonton!




Calgary, AB – In landlocked Alberta, demand for fresh fish has been a boon for fast-casual authentic Hawaiian poke restaurant, Ono Poke Co. After being in business for only a few years, the Alberta-born chef-driven, fast-casual eatery has announced a move forward on its journey of ‘bringing poke to the prairies.’  The company’s second location is now open in Calgary’s Deerfoot City. 


“When we began seeing lineups at our first location in Edmonton and were serving hundreds of poke bowls a day, we knew our fresh poke concept was really catching on. People are eager for diverse foods, and they want healthier fast options,” says founder Lawrence Hui who is a red seal chef and graduate of the NAIT culinary program.  

Chef Lawrence Hui

Chef Lawrence Hui


The new location in Deerfoot City is part of the mall’s newly completed Food Lodge. The modernized food hall, is helping to redefine the traditional food court. 

The menu features chef curated poke bowls – including their popular flagship menu items such as The Ono Poke and the Uncle Thom’s Poke. Customers can select various bases for bowls including furikake rice (white and brown), quinoa, and spring mix salad, along with vegetables, seasonings and protein options such as The Torched Miso Salmon Poke, the Albacore Tuna and the Spicy Thai Salmon Poke, or they can build their own bowls.



“freshness is a top priority for us along with flavour. Poke is most often eaten with hunks of raw tuna over rice and vegetables but our menu dreams up so many delicious and unique ways to serve it,” says Chef Lawrence Hui who received specialized training in Hawaii to learn how to make the state’s signature dish.


“‘Ono in Hawaiian means ‘delicious’ and that is absolutely fitting for us. Just try it for yourself,” he adds.


Ono Poke Co. Deerfoot City (901 64 Avenue NE) is located just south of Calgary International Airport and approximately 15 minutes away from Calgary’s downtown core.

Hui has high expectation for this location and is proud to see his family grow. Head Chef Vicky Ngyuyen, a NAIT graduate and long time friend, has flourished under Chef Lawrences direction. She looks forward to sharing the same level of dedication to this amazing dish as Hui has.

Join us for our grand opening celebration June 21st and 22nd 2019

Friday: BOGO 11am-7pm as well as a free small Poke 3pm to 7pm *no purchase necessary.

Saturday: BOGO 11am-7pm


The Kitchen

Lawrence Hui

Executive Chef


It was after meeting some of Maui's most acclaimed chefs that chef Lawrence Hui cemented the simple reason why he cooks - pure, unadulterated happiness.

Growing up, Hui cooked with his mother, learning that food wasn't just fuel, it was an art form, ripe with opportunity for innovation and creativity.


Chef Lawrence Hui, a graduate of NAIT's culinary program and Red Seal chef, has refined his skills over the last 13 years in the city of Edmonton. As sous chef, Hui worked in the kitchens of Cactus Club, Radisson Hotel, and Wildflower Grill. With the opportunity to run his own kitchen and introduce a cuisine not experienced in Edmonton, Chef Hui knew it was important to get it right. He was wary of being another mainlander with no understanding of the culture he was pulling from. He knew he had to go to the source.

It was on the gorgeous island of Maui where he experienced the relationship between the people of Hawaii and the land and water that surrounded them. Whether it was watching a local stride into the ocean to catch their meal, or discovering that unsold pineapples are not disposed of, but allowed to return to the soil, enriching it, it was evident there was a respect for the earth that permeated every inch of the islands. 

I was so humbled by the generosity of Maui's culinary pros. These amazing chefs invited me into their kitchens, homes, and hearts. I hope to give Edmontonians a taste of Hawaii, one that will make my new mentors proud.

After receiving the opportunity to cook alongside his peers – acclaimed chef Tom Muromoto (Ka'anapali Beach Hotel), chef Charlie Owen (Hula Grill), chef Ikaika Manaku (The Westin Nanea), and chef Jesse Anacleto (Roy's Ka'anapali) – and explore the island and its markets with chef Sheldon Simeon (Tin Roof), Chef Hui had absorbed several lifetimes of tradition.

On his return, he opened the doors to 'Ono Poke Co. 'Ono means delicious in Hawaiian. The simple truth is that delicious food brings people happiness and that's precisely the reason the up-and-coming chef began cooking in the first place.